Feature image for One Day in Milan post. Jeff is spinning Zuzi in a dance with the Milan Duomo, a big cathedral, in the backdrop
Image of Jeff and Zuzi holding hands in Rome with the Colosseum in the background
Jeff and Zuzi stand on front of some bushes with the orange city of Florence behind them

Incredible Roman ruins, magnificent Renaissance art and beautiful architecture. These are just some of the reasons why me and Zuzi have visited Italy time and time again. We’ve visited the canals of Venice and the Amalfi Coast and many places in between but there’s still plenty to be explored. All with delicious food and an espresso or three.

I studied art at school and have always been fascinated by the Roman Empire so my love for Italy was always going grow as I travelled more and more of this incredible country. In fact, it has become one of my and Zuzi’s favourite countries in Europe!

While I haven’t explored every inch of the country just yet, what I have experienced will be documented so that you guys can see the best of Italy. Read some of my best posts about travelling to Italy below!

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