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Have you ever tried to buy a gift for someone who travels regularly? Travellers can be a tricky (and picky) bunch to buy for, and I should know! Fortunately, I’ve written this list of the best gifts for travel lovers just for you guys!

I’ve been travelling since my early 20’s and in that time I can tell you what I’ve loved and what I’ve found to be super useful. For example, you know that money belt that goes under our clothes that you think we all use? We HATE that thing!

While it’s fairly obvious that the perfect travel gift is a plane ticket, we all know this isn’t always possible. Besides, there is so much travel gear and tech available that it’s totally possible to buy a cheaper gift that will help people travel better and without going over budget.

These are some of the best gifts for travel lovers that are guaranteed to, not only put a smile on your traveller’s face but are actually useful. Whether the gift is for someone’s birthday, a Christmas present or an upcoming adventure, I’m sure you’ll find it here!

Best Travel Gifts Under $25

Passport Holder

Passports usually last for 10 years so travellers want to have a bit of protection to prevent damaging the most important document in their carry on. A cheap but snazzy cover will mean less chance of having fork out for a new passport if there is too much wear and tear.

International Travel Adaptor

One of the most useful things a traveller can carry with them is an international travel adaptor. Traveller’s today need to charge their camera(s), smartphone, laptops, and tablets. Traveller’s like to pack light and this item fits the bill.

Portable Luggage Scales

Have you ever rocked up to the check-in counter, placed your bag on the scales and look at the weight in horror? Well, this little travel accessory is a game-changer and falls right into the packing light category!

Face Masks

There’s been a recent demand for face masks, for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean we all have to look like amateur surgeons. Protect yourself, and others, with a reusable face mask that will look cool and is also kinder to the environment.

Travel Games

In an age where everything is now digital, you can’t beat a classic travel game. Whether it’s in a group of friends or a way to way to new friends, travel games are the best way to stop the oh-so-common sight of everyone on their smartphones!

Travel Padlocks

Every traveller needs a travel padlock in their life! Apart from the security of locking up backpacks and luggage, many hostels offer lockers that can be padlocked for extra security.

Travel Gift Ideas Under $100

Packing Cubes

I always thought packing cubes were just a gimmick but a few years ago I decided to try some out. I found that packing cubes are a great way to help travellers organise their luggage and save space and I haven’t travelled without them since!

Portable Wireless Speaker

Ready to get the party started? Portable wireless speakers are a great travel gift for music lovers. They can be used to play music at a hostel party or for chilling on the beach with new travel friends.

I personally love the UE Wonderboom 2. It has amazing 360° sound, is small enough to carry and is waterproof and dustproof. Plus it’s available in a range of colours. If you’re after something smaller then the Sony SRS-XB12 is another great option.

LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle

Traveller’s often visit countries where the tap water isn’t safe to drink. So instead of buying endless amount of plastic bottles of water, treat them to a LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle. The special straw filter removes 99.9% of bacteria and parasites. You can even purchase just the straw by itself.

Portable Charger

There will come a time in every travellers journeys when they wish they charged up their smartphone or camera. That’s why a portable charger is one of the most useful items a traveller can have. They come in all sorts of sizes and colours and you can even get solar powered packs!

Gifts For Travellers At Home

Home Study Course

Is the traveller in your life visiting South America next year? Just think how rewarding it would be if they could speak a little Spanish? Maybe they have dreams of being a digital nomad in some exotic destination?

The time we spend at home is a great way to learn a new skill or to re-educate ourselves. Perhaps it’s the time to sharpen those photo editing skills or learn a new language? A home study course could be one of the most rewarding things a traveller can do while they’re not abroad.

Scratch Map

Everyone loves to show off where they’ve been on their travels and scratch maps are an awesome way to keep track of where they’ve been. It’s also a great way to see how much of the world they’ve really covered. Perfect for the bedroom wall. If they’re ever at home!

Mini Projector

Just because someone cant’ travel doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy being at home. While 4K TVs cost thousands, a mini projector turn a bedroom or living room into a full scale cinema experience. Projectors cost just a fraction of what TVs do and barely take up any space.

Best Travel Gifts For Him

Toiletry Bag

Everyone needs toiletries on their travels and a man needs their’s to be organised! A classy and stylish toiletry bag will not only keep everything in one place also but save space in their backpack.

Go with a waterproof or leather bag to make sure it lasts. You can even stick it up with some of their favourite toiletries as an extra special treat.

Moleskine Notebook

The old school travel journals are still popular with some travellers. Whether they use it as a journal, planner or scrapbook, Moleskine notebooks are the number one choice. They are superbly made, come in a range of sizes and were apparently used by Picasso and Hemingway!

Leather Passport Holder

A simple passport cover might be enough but, for some men, there’s nothing quite like the feel of real leather! Fashionable and functional, a decent leather passport holder will hold a passport and/or credit cards well beyond their expiry dates!

Leatherman Multitool

The ultimate multitool! This handy pocket-sized accessory has 18 tools just waiting to be unleashed! Its functions include a bottle opener, pliers, screwdrivers, saws, knives and much more. And that’s the standard model!

Travel Gift Ideas For Her

Menstrual Cup

Many female travellers are starting to realise the benefits of using a menstrual cup over other pads and tampons. They’re effective, reusable and better for the environment. I obviously don’t have any personal experience with them but I’ve been by fellow travellers that they’re big fans… once they got used to the idea!

The Tangle Teezer

I’ll be honest now, I never knew what this was until I met Zuz. I now know that they’re essential for any female traveller who wants to keep their hair healthy with breaking their ends off. Not only that, they will save so much space for those light travellers!

Osprey Fairview Backpack

The Osprey Farpoint is the most popular backpack for travellers. I’ve had mine for years now and I can tell you that they are the best! So how can the best be improved? By making one that fits our bodies better of course. I’m talking specifically for women here!

The Osprey Fairview is the female equivalent to the Farpoint and has been tested thoroughly by my travel partner in crime. Even on the first try, Zuzi noticed the differences straight away between my Farpoint and her Fairview saying it was so much more comfortable.

Gifts For Outdoor Lovers

Travel Hammock

Do you remember the first time you tried a hammock? How about that awkward moment when you think you’re in and you suddenly fall on the floor? Now how about the moment you melt into the hammock and don’t get out for the rest of the day?

Travellers can have that feeling (the last part) whenever they want with a travel hammock. Just find a couple of trees or anything for that matter and the hammock will be up in no time.


A headlamp is one of those things you’ll never know you’ve needed until you finally get one. When a traveller has food poisoning and needs to find the toilet in a place with no electricity, a headlamp quickly becomes their best friend!

Of course, a headlamp is much more than a toilet companion! It’s perfect for camping and for any city or village that has limited lighting. It’s also useful when checking into hostels at 4am!

Portable Espresso Machine

There’s nothing better than a cup of coffee. I’m talking black and strong, non of the foamy milk stuff! Of course it’s down to personal taste but for anyone who likes black coffee, a portable espresso machine may be the perfect gift!

Best Travel Gifts For Photographers

Sony RX100 VII

Travelling with a DSLR will end up with awesome, sharp photos to show off to their friends back home. But they’re big and they attract attention! Sometimes it’s just easier not to take it out of the bag and use an iPhone! I know all about this!

Enter the Sony RX100 VII. A pocket-sized camera that produces DSLR quality images and 4K video. The secret is the large sensor that captures more detail than other compacts. It does come at a premium price but there are now some good bundles available.

While Sony RX100 VII is reportedly the best compact around, it is closely rivalled by my current compact, the Canon G7x Mark III.

Travel Tripod

One for the serious photographers! A tripod may seem like an unnecessary travel accessory but those who are planning to shoot in low light or landscape photography know the benefits of having a trusty tripod.

Without having to pack too much extra kit, a small travel tripod might just be what their looking for. Another great option in the Joby Gorillapod which can be mounted onto anything!

GoPro Hero Black 9

The ultimate adventure camera. This little gadget captures awesome photos and video and is also a tough little bugger! Adventure travellers can mount the GoPro onto a stick, tripod, helmet, jacket and just about anything else. It’s also waterproof up to 10 metres (33 feet.)

I had my first GoPro as a birthday present and it’s my go-to gadget. The latest model even has a front screen! Perfect for capturing those wide-angle selfies.

Luxury Travel Gift Ideas

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphone and earphones are all the rage now. The difference with the over-ear headphones and in-ear earphones is more about comfort and style. I prefer in-ear earphones such as the Apple Airpod Pro because they’re lightweight but many prefer over-ear as there’s nothing poking inside the ears!

Macbook Air

I’ve used Apple’s Mac product ever since uni and they really are the best when it comes to creativity and style. The Macbook Air is powerful enough to edit photos/videos, lightweight enough to carry and has amazing battery life. If you know someone who is creative then they might just love you forever if they received this as a gift from you!

iPhone 12

Another Apple product I can’t live without. Some people might argue that iPhones haven’t been as good as some of the recent android phones. I’m an Apple fan though so I’m putting it on my list! After all, the new iPhone 12, and 12 Pro, have amazing photo/video capabilities making it a very useful (and expensive) travel gift.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Lightweight and waterproof, the Kindle Paperwhite has a glare free screen and a battery that can last for weeks. The e-reader also comes with 8GB of storage which is around 6000 books! Try carrying that in a backpack!

iPad Air

The ultimate luxury travel gift! Why? Well, because it’s not quite a laptop and not quite a phone but it is an excellent option for those who don’t want to travel with a laptop.

We’ve found it quite useful when we have taken an iPad with us instead of a laptop. It’s powerful enough to edit photo and videos and excellent for watching movies or shows.

Did You Find The Perfect Travel Gift?

Jeff and Zuzi are handing each other wrapped presents in front of their Christmas tree
Travel gifts that can you can give on any occasion!

Whatever the occasion, I hope this list of gifts for travel lovers has been useful!

I’ve written this list from my own experience with these items and from talking to others who own, tried everything there is to try since I’ve started travelling. While I haven’t managed to use the menstrual cup, I trust my sources!

Please don’t buy the traveller in your life a money belt! I’ve had one, and it was in the bin after one day! Get them a gift that will actually help with their travels and they’ll actually like! Like they, travel is the gift that keeps on giving!

Have an opinion on a gift idea? Maybe I’ve missed something? Or you just want to know more about these items. Get in touch or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

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